Thank you! (I love you)

To the guy that I loved and I’m still loving right now. Since I can’t talk to you or we can’t talk to each other. I will say it here in my own blog. You know what, I was really blessed having you being my best friend and boyfriend. You always made me smile, made me laugh even in your corny jokes! Thank you for the past 5 months that you spent with me. It was really meaningful and you brought so much happiness in my life. Thank you for all your efforts. Efforts of picking me up in my school even your school is far way from mine, making time just to see me even if you were already tired. I know 5 months is not that really long but it felt like we’ve been together for a long time. Thank you for all the love and care that you were showing to me. I know that you can’t read this, but I want to say that you will always be special in my heart. I love you and it won’t change. ❤


This is my first time to make a blog. This is where I’m going to tell my stories, to burst out all my emotions and to post some encouragement to all of my readers! So feel free to read and I can Inspire all of you. God Bless! 🙂